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Use this form to download the full, Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim DE.

  • ExtendSim DEIf you are new to ExtendSim, this is exactly what you should be using to ensure ExtendSim DE is the right fit for your needs. Use it for free for 30 days from the date you first run the software. During this 30-day Trial period, you will have full access to all of ExtendSim's powerful features. Use it to graphically research operational performance using discrete event simulation.
  • Once you reach the end of the 30 day Trial period – if you haven’t already purchased and activated the product – that free Trial period will end. All the model files and blocks you created will still be yours, but the software itself will no longer start on your system.
  • If you are already using ExtendSim DE, and it is release 10.0.3 or earlier, use this download to update your existing license to ExtendSim DE 10.0.9. Download, then install over your current ExtendSim DE 10.0.x to be updated to 10.0.9. No need to reactivate, your license is still valid, and all the model files and blocks you've created will still be there. (If you're using ExtendSim 10.0.4 or later, use the 10.0.9 updater instead of a Trial version to update.)
  • Students note:
    • The Trial version CANNOT be converted into a Student version of ExtendSim.
    • Purchase ExtendSim StudentModels built in the Trial version CANNOT be read by the Student version.
    • The Student version is only available through the ExtendSim Store.

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