ExtendSim Textbook

ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation


ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System SimulationThe standard in discrete event simulation software combines with the standard in undergraduate simulation textbooks!

Adhering to the layout of Discrete-Event System Simulation ("DESS") by Banks, et al., the textbook, ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation *, uses ExtendSim as a pedagogical tool to explore and expand upon the principles discussed in the DESS textbook. This use of ExtendSim makes simulation concepts more easily communicated by instructors and more accessible to students.

Use ExtendSim to visually explore concepts such as entities, attributes, events, activities, and delays
Interactively examine the characteristics of single-server and multi-server queueing systems
Learn about event scheduling, random number generation, and the proper use of random distributions
Run trials and experiments on DESS examples using the Student version of ExtendSim

ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation includes:

Easy-to-use and informative ExtendSim implementations of DESS examples
Selected solutions to end-of-chapter exercises
ExtendSim tutorials specifically designed for the DESS book
Supplemental discussions based on the DESS chapters


ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation included with ExtendSim

If you already own ExtendSim, you already have access to the textbook. ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation is included in most ExtendSim packages...Individual, Floating, and Student. (Note: the DESS textbook is not included with Analysis or Player RunTime).

From within the ExtendSim application, open the DESS Quickstart.mox model file in the DESS Textbook folder found in the Examples folder. This file contains links to the eTextbook, model files discussed in the book, and a tutorial on discrete event modeling.


* The 5th edition of Discrete-Event System Simulation is required for use with this text and must be obtained separately.