ExtendSim ASP LicenseExtendSim ASP

This cloud-based, self-hosted version of ExtendSim allows you to provide multiple end-users with remote access to ExtendSim functionality without installing the ExtendSim application on their devices. Using a frontend application (web page in a browser, ExtendSim ASP Excel Add-in, or a standalone application) as the user interface, end users submit simulation scenarios to ExtendSim and receive results on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. A self-hosting service application coordinates all communication and data transfer between the frontend and ExtendSim; end user access can be over a LAN or over the internet or other WAN. The ASP license allows end users who have no simulation experience to benefit from the full power of ExtendSim.

Imagine plant managers receiving comprehensible and immediate feedback on their tablet regarding line management as they walk the factory floor.

Or giving that same manager the ability to make a change on the fly based on results achieved from data entered into a simple form that greatly improves production output.

Or your sales rep pulling out their smartphone on a sales call to show a prospect their potentially improved bottom line if they use your product.

Using server-side modeling, clients will be able to access the full functionality of ExtendSim over an intranet or the internet via a user-defined form.

An ExtendSim ASP license is a great solution for organizations who:

Want a cloud-based, self-hosted version of ExtendSim providing access to the full functionality of ExtendSim via an intranet or the internet without deploying the application to end users.

Prefer centralized control and management of ExtendSim models.

Choose to access the functionality of ExtendSim via an intranet or the internet.

Have few or no end users with simulation interest or expertise.

Prefer an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to software licensing.

ASP InterfaceThe ExtendSim ASP license is typically used in combination with a front end interface (wrapper environment) developed either by the licensee organization or by a third party. The wrapper environment uses either SOAP or REST web-service access protocols to send data to ExtendSim, run a model, and retrieve results. It accesses the functionality of ExtendSim while presenting end users with a standardized front end, across multiple models, for data entry and the reporting of results. The combination of an ExtendSim ASP license with a wrapper environment has the advantages of remote access via the web, centralized feature updating, and lower or even non-existent learning curves for non-modelers.


Capabilities and Limitations of ExtendSim ASP

Push inputs -- from a web page, a custom client application, the ExtendSim Excel Add-In, or a database -- to any ExtendSim model that they have been given authentication access to on a server.

Remotely trigger a simulation run for that ExtendSim model on a server using the inputs pushed from a client machine.

Receive the results from that model on a client machine.

There are no limits to the size of the model you can run in an ASP license, how many runs you can do, or how long the runs are.

Like the Analysis RunTime, the ASP can call COM DLLs and use COM for control of/by other applications.

Can run and analyze Reliability models with an unlimited number of event cycles.

Limitations: The ASP does not allow the building of models or of blocks, nor can one change the configuration of a model. It can only read RunTime versions of libraries (those with .lbrrt suffix), not standard libraries (with .lbr suffix).

Note: The licensee is responsible for developing any wrapper environment or front end interface for the ASP license.



ExtendSim ASP is subscription-based license priced per concurrent instance* of ExtendSim running in memory.

Concurrent Instances Cost per Block of Instances
up to 5 instances $5,000/year
up to 100 instances $10,000/year
unlimited instances $25,000/year


* An instance is defined as each time ExtendSim is launched.


Technical Details

An ExtendSim Application Service Provider (ASP) license gives you the right to use ExtendSim to provide simulation-based services over the internet. End users can then harness the simulation power of ExtendSim on any smart device. Whether you are deploying simulation services within your company to employees and contractors or to external customers, your end users can send inputs to, run, and receive outputs from one or more ExtendSim models hosted on a server without having to install ExtendSim on their local computers.

To provide the service, the Licensee installs the ExtendSim ASP application, model file(s), and any ancillary files on a server that end users are given restricted access to. End users then use a front-end interface on their local computers or smart devices to request the ASP services. If authorized, the front end pushes information from the client machine to the server, remotely triggering ExtendSim to run simulations and perform calculations, then pulls the results back to the end user.

Depending on whether the model is configured to exchange data through an ExtendSim internal database or through ExtendSim blocks, the front-end interface could be an Add-In for Excel, a stand-alone client application, or a browser:

The ExtendSim ASP Add-In for Excel allows end users to submit data and run ExtendSim models on the server from within an Excel workbook on their local computer. This method allows the end user’s Excel workbook to directly exchange information with the server model’s ExtendSim database. The front end is easily customizable within Excel. The Add-In is included with the ASP license and no other software is installed on client computers.

The ExtendSim ASP Client Application (ESCA) is for situations where either the model does not use an internal database or Excel is not available. ESCA is a form-based application that exchanges data between either a text file or an Excel workbook on the client computer and ExtendSim blocks in the server model. ESCA is included with the ASP license and consists of a customizable configuration file and an executable file that gets installed on the client computer to provide a default front end.

A browser can be configured as the front end in either of the above two data exchange paradigms. It is the only option when the service is set up such that data is exchanged with an external database such as SQL Server, the Oracle database, Microsoft Access, or MySQL. ExtendSim provides two browser interface options:

Google Sheets as a browser interface. The Licensee uses Google’s scripting language to create the front end. A formatted Google Sheets template is included with the ExtendSim ASP license. No software is installed on client computers.

A custom programmed browser interface. The Licensee uses a programming language such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, or VBScript to create the front end. Specialized ASP functions and code examples are included with the ExtendSim ASP license. No software is installed on client computers.

As indicated above, the ExtendSim ASP license includes specialized functions and customizable files and templates so front-end interfaces can perform the following tasks:

User login

Selecting the model to run

Transferring a scenario of input data to the model

Submitting the scenario and running the simulation

Providing status information as the simulation runs

Transferring a scenario of output data from the model

Terminating the simulation run

The main advantages of using an ExtendSim ASP license is that the Licensee can:

Maintain centralized control over the ExtendSim application and model files, including updates and configurations

Provide customers with the ability to configure and run ExtendSim simulations without having to learn or even use the software

Reduce the complexity and costs of deployment onto individual computers

Present customers with a platform for performing sophisticated simulation analysis remotely

Allow ExtendSim simulations to be run from any computer or smart device

Note: To take advantages of all listed features and capabilities, it is advised to use ExtendSim ASP 10. If you are still using ExtendSim ASP 9.2, there are limitations that may effect your productivity:

Only one instance of the ExtendSim 9.2 application can be run concurrently on the server machine. (In ExtendSim ASP 10 you can run multiple concurrent instances of the ExtendSim 10 application.

The ExtendSim ASP 9.2 user interface (on the server) needs to be connected to a monitor that can display an application window. (This is not necessary in ExtendSim ASP 10 as the application runs in headless mode for the ASP license, so a window is not required.)