ExtendSim on Client Devices

Yes. Be sure the virtual machine has the correct permissions so that ExtendSim can be installed without security issues and that the location where user-modifiable files will be installed has read-write access so the license file can be read and end-users can open, run, and save models.

No. Both releases can be installed on the same Client device. In fact, we suggest you don’t uninstall ExtendSim 9 until you’ve finished converting your files to 10.

Installing the extendsim.lic file on the Client device broadcasts to automatically find the Server. If it can’t find the Server, it asks you to enter Server info (URL or computer name, etc.). It saves that location info in a host.lic file on the customer’s device so it doesn’t ask again.

Yes. Go to Documents/ExtendSim10 and open the host.lic file. It has the name of the Server.

To temporarily disconnect a Client device from the network, use the Help > Floating License > Check Out a Floating License command.

To check a roaming license back in, use the Help > Floating License > Check In a Floating License command.

Roaming licenses can be checked back in at any time. They are automatically checked in at the end of the roaming period (the default period is 30 days).

1. The Trial version of ExtendSim is the updater.

2. Download the appropriate newer release of the Trial version of ExtendSim 10 (Pro, DE, or CP).

3. Install the Trial version OVER the current Client installation using the same name and installing to the same location as the current installation. This updates ExtendSim without affecting the license file or requiring that the License Manager be reactivated.

4. Note: If you subsequently launch ExtendSim and get a message that the license has not been activated, it means that you have not installed over the current installation but in fact have two installations of ExtendSim. Uninstall the update and reinstall it so that it replaces the files at the current location.

1. The renewal date for the Floating License’s Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) is shown on the ExtendSim startup screen (Help > About ExtendSim). Prior to the renewal date, the application will occasionally present a reminder message upon launch.

2. Contact Imagine That Inc. or your ExtendSim Distributor to renew your MSP. Client devices will automatically be updated once the License Manager on the Server has been updated, as discussed below in What happens after we renew the annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) or change the number of concurrent users?

The license file (extendsim.lic) on the License Server needs to be updated and reactivated whenever there is this type of change to the license.

After we notify you that the license has been updated, you will need to reactivate the License Manager.

Do not send new license files to Client devices. The License Manager automatically updates the license files on Client devices.

See the document titled Reactivating ExtendSim Floating Licenses.

1. Use the Windows Settings > Apps and Features to uninstall ExtendSim 10.

2. Then delete the two folders: Documents/ExtendSim and Program Files/ExtendSim.