Managing a Floating License

Log into the License Manager (ExtendSimLicServer) on the Server:

Open a browser on the Server and enter localhost:5054 in the browser’s address line.

Or, open a browser on some other device that is on the same network as the Server and enter servername:5054 in the browser’s address line.

Absolutely. In fact, you will need both during the transition period while you convert your files from 9 to 10. The transition period should not exceed six (6) months. Deployment of the software after that period shall not exceed the licensed quantity of concurrent users of ExtendSim 10.

When you are ready to uninstall the ExtendSim 9 Network License Manager, see the FAQ Uninstalling the License Manager for an ExtendSim 9 Network License.

The license file (extendsim.lic) on the License Server needs to be updated and reactivated whenever there is this type of change to the license. After we notify you that the change has been made and the license has been updated, you will need to reactivate the License Manager. However, you do not need to send new license files to Client devices. The License Manager automatically updates the license files on Client devices. See the document titled Reactivating • Floating Licenses.

Yes, the Floating License is hosted and managed on your premises.

If you do a manual activation, no connection to the internet is requested for either the Server or ExtendSim on Client devices.

Even if you do an automatic activation, it is only a one-time web-based exchange of Server and license information to activate the Server’s license.

Subsequent to installation and activation, the Client only connects to the License Manager on your Server, and the Server internally validates the License File and receives license requests from Client devices.