Upgrading to ExtendSim 10

Do you own a current Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) for your ExtendSim 9 license?

Terrific! Your upgrade is free! Click on the icon below of the package you wish to upgrade to.


Never owned an MSP for ExtendSim 9?

You will have to purchase your upgrade. Click on the icon for the ExtendSim package you wish to upgrade to. You'll be able to pay for your upgrade and download a Trial version of 10 from here.


                     ExtendSim CP                    ExtendSim DE                     ExtendSim Pro           

Not sure which package you want to upgrade to? Check the ExtendSim Product Advisor.        

Depends on the type of models you're building. If you're building discrete event models, upgrade to ExtendSim DE. If you are using the blocks from the Rate library in your models or want to use the new Reliability components, upgrade to ExtendSim Pro.

For more details on which package may work best for you, use the ExtendSim Product Advisor.

ExtendSim 10 is upwardly compatible and will read in models built in legacy ExtendSim versions 9, 8, and 7.

If you created a custom library in a legacy version, before opening the model using the custom libraries, open the custom library. Go to Library > Library Tools > Compile Libraries... Select your custom library and click Compile Selected Libraries. This will recompile the library creating an ExtendSim 10 library with a .lbr extension. Then, open the model in ES10.

Note: ExtendSim 10 is not backwardly compatible. Models and blocks you build in ExtendSim 10 cannot be read by earlier versions, such as ExtendSim 9 or ExtendSim 8.

You cannot copy objects in models (graphics, text, hierarchical blocks, databases, etc.) from release 9 or earlier directly into ExtendSim 10. Instead you must open the model file in ES 10. Then, ExtendSim will convert it to an ExtendSim 10 file.