Error messageWhen ExtendSim launches it requires the loading of certain files and it expects that those files have been installed at specific locations. If needed files don’t have the correct permissions, or if ExtendSim can’t find the files, ExtendSim will not launch properly.Error message

Common situations that cause problems are:

Someone from IT or an Admin installed the user-modifiable files in a folder under their account rather than in a folder accessible by the end user. Or, they tried to launch ExtendSim from their own account.

The folder containing user-modifiable files does not give the end user or ExtendSim the correct permissions.

The folder that contains user-modifiable files has been moved after installation, so ExtendSim is looking for files at the wrong location.

If ExtendSim issues error messages such as “Documents folder not found” or “lp_solve[0] Error…system error code:2” as it tries to launch or gives a similar error message when end users try to open model or library files:

If user-modifiable files were properly installed to the end-user account, ExtendSim needs to be launched from that account, not from the Administrator's account.

Verify that user-modifiable files such as examples and libraries are installed in a folder that is accessible by the end user (by default, the UserName\Documents\ExtendSim folder).

Check the folder permissions where user-modifiable files and extensions are installed. End users need read/write or full access to that folder, depending on its location, so they can open, run, and save models.

So ExtendSim can properly open needed files, right-click its icon and select Run as Administrator as you launch it.

So that ExtendSim will know where user-modifiable files are located, the installer places an ExtendSimDocPath.txt file at Program Files\ExtendSim. If those files were moved after installation, modify the file ExtendSimDocPath.txt file to indicate the new location.