ExtendSim 10 was released in October of 2018. There are rare cases when you may still need to use older versions of the software, such as ExtendSim 9. If you need to use ExtendSim 9 (for example, the third party module you are using with ExtendSim has not yet been updated to ExtendSim 10), please know it will no longer be supported with updates. Hence, if Microsoft makes a change to their operating system, it may cause earlier versions of ExtendSim and other software to stop working. Therefore, we highly recommend using the most current release of ExtendSim and all software.

If ExtendSim 9 is required, single user ExtendSim 9 licenses are currently still available through the ExtendSim Store, but may not be for much longer. Maintenance & Support Plans (MSP) are not available for retired software. Support must be purchased on a Per-Incident basis. Upgrades to ExtendSim 10 must be purchased at the full upgrade price.

Network licenses of ExtendSim 9 will still have mandatory MSPs. While the MSP is current, we can still provide new site.tmp files, upgrades to ExtendSim 10, etc. However, technical support for any ExtendSim 9 license is minimal.