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If you use screenshots that contain ExtendSim blocks on your web site or in any printed matter, please post or footnote this statement:

ExtendSim blocks copyright © 1987-2021 Imagine That Inc. All rights reserved.

Before quoting any documentation from the ExtendSim documentation, blocks, Help, or the Imagine That Inc. web site, you must get prior written permission from Imagine That Inc. Once permission is granted, please include this statement:

Portions copyright © 1987-2021 Imagine That Inc. All rights reserved.

If you build custom blocks based on ExtendSim blocks, hence using copyrighted information from certain libraries in the ExtendSim products, your right to sell, give, or otherwise distribute the blocks you have developed is restricted. In that case, your blocks may only be sold, given away, or distributed to a recipient who has the same ExtendSim package that you used to develop your blocks. For more information, see the copyright notices at the front of the ExtendSim User Reference.