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Starting the Service manually if the License Manager fails to automatically start the Service.

The License Manager installer not only creates the Service, but sets it to start automatically. To do this manually:

1. Open an administrative CMD line window:

bulletgoldOpen Command Prompt as Administrator (Enter CMD in the Search box and simultaneously click Ctrl+Shift+Enter. For the Windows Command Processor click Allow).

bulletgoldAt the command line, enter CD C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer (assuming that is the directory where the License Manager was installed) and press the Enter key.

bulletgoldAt the new command line, enter rlm -install_service -dlog logfile -service_name extendsimlicserver. Press Enter.

bulletgoldClose the window.

2. Go to Computer Management on the License Server.

bulletgoldGo to the Services and Applications/Services section.

bulletgoldSelect ExtendSimLicServer in the list of Services and Start the Service.

bulletgoldRight-click ExtendSimLicServer to access its Properties and set the startup type to Automatic.