. . . to automatically start the Service.

The License Manager installer not only creates the Service, but sets it to start automatically. To do this manually:

1. Open an administrative CMD line window:

bulletgoldOpen Command Prompt as Administrator (Enter CMD in the Search box and simultaneously click Ctrl+Shift+Enter. For the Windows Command Processor click Allow).

bulletgoldAt the command line, enter CD C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer (assuming that is the directory where the License Manager was installed) and press the Enter key.

bulletgoldAt the new command line, enter rlm -install_service -dlog logfile -service_name extendsimlicserver. Press Enter.

bulletgoldClose the window.

2. Go to Computer Management on the License Server.

bulletgoldGo to the Services and Applications/Services section.

bulletgoldSelect ExtendSimLicServer in the list of Services and Start the Service.

bulletgoldRight-click ExtendSimLicServer to access its Properties and set the startup type to Automatic.