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When the License Manager was activated, a random port was assigned as the ISV Server port. In addition, the ISV port will change each time the Server is restarted. If the ISV port is blocked you can either unblock it or specify an unblocked port as the permanent ISV port. (Note: if the port is blocked, we strongly suggest you set an unblocked port to be the permanent ISV port. The ISV port you set will always be used even if the License Manager restarts.)

To use a different port, you must use the RLSA window to edit your existing extendsim.lic file:

Change ISV portFollow steps 1-3 in the FAQ Changing the default port (5053)...

At step 4, do not change port 5053. Instead, in the license file field, add "port=nnnnn" (where "nnnnn" is the port number) to the "ISV extendsim" line such that it reads "ISV extendsim port=nnnnn".

Then, continue with the remaining steps in the document Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses.