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Mon, 22. May 2023 - Thu, 25. May 2023
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Essential ExtendSim Training - Knoxville, TN USA


Essential ExtendSim TrainingMay 22 to 25, 2023 • Knoxville, TN USA

Basics of discrete event simulation will be covered in the first half of the Essential ExtendSim Training course, plus you'll get an essential understanding of the ExtendSim architecture. The focus of the second half is on problem solving.

From the very first day of this course, you will be building, running, and analyzing models. The rest of the week will be spent exploring modeling components and concepts as you apply these concepts to a class project while being coached by the instructor. All the while you will be learning and applying more advanced concepts to the model to understand appropriate analysis techniques.

ExtendSim Essential Training

By the end of the course, you will feel confident in building ExtendSim models and have your eyes opened to the powerful tools that can be quickly used for in-depth model analysis.

The focus of this course is on discrete event modeling, but the class is also essential for new rate-based modelers, Engineers, Managers, System Analysts, and anyone else who wants to learn simulation modeling and/or get up to speed quickly with ExtendSim. It is appropriate both for those who are new to ExtendSim and for beginning/intermediate simulation modelers.

Topics include:

Understanding fundamental simulation concepts

Modeling with ExtendSim

Working with data

Learning debugging, validation, and verification techniquesEssential ExtendSim Training - Agenda

Model analysis

And much, much more. Download the complete agenda for Essential ExtendSim Training here.


Prerequisites and Preparation for the Course

You will be working on a Windows laptop so you must have basic Window computer skills. Knowledge of basic statistics (random distributions and confidence intervals) is recommended.

Before your first day of class, it will be extremely helpful if you familiarize yourself with ExtendSim. If you have not already done so, please go through the Tutorials in the Discrete Event Quick Start Guide or watch its video.


Pricing & Registration

Register now$2500 for the 4 day workshop.
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Course Materials Supplied

Laptop computer for each student's use

Course manual with case studies

Solution files for all case studies and exercises

Certificate of Completion


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