COVID-19 messageWith the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation, one thing you can be sure of is our commitment to continue to provide you with the same uninterrupted, dependable service we have been providing for over 30 years.

As a DHS-identified critical infrastructure supplier, we take our responsibilities to our customers seriously. Though Imagine That Inc. staff is working remotely to abide by CDC guidelines, operationally you will not experience any difference in the support you receive from us. In fact, some of our team members have worked remotely for years in the same secure, confidential environment we are all using now. As a result, we are able to continue to provide you with the same high level of quality and responsiveness that you have come to expect from us. Our Sales and Support staff are still available at the normal email addresses and phone extensions.

Some of you are employing ExtendSim to research scenarios to help manage the current crisis and plan for potential changes to our businesses and future economy. Others are now working remotely but continuing with your normal simulation projects. We want to be sure you have the tools needed to accomplish your task and will do our best to help you during this challenging time. We’re all in this together. 

Some questions we have been asked to date:

How can ExtendSim help mitigate a pandemic?

masthead covid19Many times ExtendSim models have assisted with managing similar unpredictable, emergent situations. Check out our Critical Decision Making page for details.

As a quick example, a major hospital in a large US city used ExtendSim during a previous flu epidemic to study what happens if the arrival rate in their emergency room doubled - because it had just started to double! When they doubled the number of rooms in their ER model, they saw they still had problems with managing patients! The underlying issue wasn't the rooms, but the staffing. Problem solved and patients got the care they needed. In this case, it was all about the staffing constraint.

Another example, a pandemic vaccine distribution process model was developed in ExtendSim to evaluate the impact of using retail pharmacies as vaccinators in addition to traditional distribution by healthcare providers. The model indicated that the time to coverage for 80% of the population was reduced by an average of 8 weeks when retail pharmacies administered vaccine. Click here to read the study.

If you have questions if ExtendSim can help you, contact ExtendSim Sales and let us know your needs.

I have an Individual ExtendSim 10 license and will need to move it to...

...a different machine to work remotely. How can I do that?


Moving ExtendSim 10 from one device to another works the same as for most applications. As the Frequently Asked Questions document explains:

First, make copies of your ExtendSim models, any custom blocks, etc.

If this is going to be a temporary change, there is no need to uninstall ExtendSim from the original device. However, you do need to remove the license from that device so that ExtendSim can be activated on your new device.

Remove the license from the previous device using the Help > Revoke License command (or the Help > Deactivate ExtendSim command if prior to ExtendSim 10.0.5).*

Install ExtendSim on the new device by downloading the appropriate Trial version.*

Paste your model files, etc. from the previous device to the new installation of ExtendSim.

Launch ExtendSim on the new device and activate it using the same Activation Key you used for your initial installation. (If for some reason you weren’t able to deactivate ExtendSim on the previous device, you will get an error message stating your Activation Key is already in use on another device. In this case, contact our Sales Department at .).


1. If you are unable to revoke your ExtendSim license, please contact ExtendSim Sales and we can help you out.

2. The Trial version you will be downloading is ExtendSim 10.0.7. If your model requires an earlier release of ExtendSim 10 (eg. 10.0.6, 10.0.5, etc.), please contact ExtendSim Sales and we can help you out.

I'm using ExtendSim 9 (or earlier) and will need to move it to...

...a different machine to work remotely. How can I do that?


Using your original installer file, reinstall ExtendSim 9 (or earlier) on your new device. Use your ExtendSim Serial Number and Product Code to activate your license on the new device. Be sure you are using ExtendSim 9.3.1. If your installer is for an earlier release of ExtendSim 9, update it to 9.3.

If you no longer have your installer file, contact ExtendSim Sales and provide us with your Serial Number. We will do everything we can to help you out.

I'm going to be working remotely and have a Floating license...

...of ExtendSim. How can I keep using it?


If your remote location allows you to access your network such that ExtendSim can communicate with the Server that hosts the License Manager, ExtendSim will continue to run.

If your remote location isn't allowed to access the License Manager across the network, but you are still in your place of work where you do have access, use the ExtendSim menu command to check out a license. ExtendSim will continue to run for 30 days without needing to communicate with the License Manager while you work remotely.

If you're a student and no longer can access your university's Floating license of ExtendSim, click on "I have an ExtendSim project due for my university course...", below.

If none of those options apply to you, contact our Sales Department at and we will get you a temporary Individual license so you can keep modeling.

I have an ExtendSim project due for my university course...

...But, now that I am under a shelter-in-place order, I no longer have access to my school's Floating license of ExtendSim. What can I do?


studentWe are here to help you out. Students at universities that are ExtendSim Adopters or that have purchased a Floating license of ExtendSim are eligible for a complimentary ExtendSim Student license to work on course assignments and projects. Click here to download your free license.

This Individual license of ExtendSim Student may be installed on your personal device as long as it has the Windows operating system. This free Student version of ExtendSim will function through June 30, 2021. Automatic activation (over the internet and not blocked by firewalls, etc) is required.

To take advantage of my shelter-in-place time, I want to learn how... to use ExtendSim or how to sharpen the skills I already have. What options are available to me?


We have plenty of resources to help you get the most out of your simulation experience with ExtendSim:

We have added instructor-led courses to our virtual training options. For complete details, see the ExtendSim Training page.

Videos and Quick Start Guides can help beginners get up to speed with ExtendSim quickly.

Looking to get get a little more in-depth into the intermediate and advanced features of ExtendSim? On-demand SimCasts divulge simulation techniques, discuss general research, and examine specific ExtendSim features in Getting to Know ExtendSim in the ExtendSim Learning Center.

Want some tips on how others are using ExtendSim? Check out the Solutions section or our web site. Here you'll find how ExtendSim is being used in a multitude of industries.

For quick tips on using ExtendSim, visit the ExtendSim Blog.

The ExtendSim YouTube Channel offers tutorials, techniques, Master Classes, sample models from ExtendSim users and more. Check out some of these videos and learn even more about ExtendSim.

Take a look at Papers for discussions on ExtendSim powered tools, modeling methodologies, and simulation techniques.

Want some serious reading material? ExtendSim is talked about in plenty of technical books and textbooks in Books Featuring ExtendSim.

And, the ExtendSim Support staff is standing by to answer any and all of your modeling questions. Visit ExtendSim Support to initiate a Support Ticket.

My healthcare/non-profit organization needs simulation NOW... help us juggle the next few months. Can you help?


Of course! In fact, we've already been doing that. Our company philosophy has always been to help better the world around us so will do whatever we can. We can set you up with an ExtendSim license at no-cost to help you through this emergency period. Just contact ExtendSim Sales and let us know your needs.


Please reach out to us with any other questions you might have.