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On October 12, 2018, Imagine That Inc. released ExtendSim 10. To download a 30-day free Trial of ExtendSim 10, click here. Note: You do not have to use ExtendSim 9 to run a model built in 9. ExtendSim 10 will allow you to run models built in ExtendSim 9 or earlier.

However there may be an occasional need to use legacy software, so we are continuing to allow access to the ExtendSim 9 Demo for a brief period of time. Complete this form to access the site to download the ExtendSim 9 Demo. This is a limited version of legacy cannot build models over 25 blocks, save changes you make, or print models with a Demo version.

Download ExtendSim Demo

Note: You will be downloading a Demo version of ExtendSim 9. On October 12, 2018, ExtendSim 10 was released. Click here for a 30-day trial of ExtendSim 10.

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