An annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) covers support, upgrades, updates, replacement and updated Activation Keys, and more. For details, please see Maintenance & Support Plan.

An MSP is required for all products except Trial, Analysis RunTime, and Player RunTime. The first year of Maintenance & Support is included in the purchase price of ExtendSim.

The Maintenance & Support Plan for your ExtendSim license begins the day you activate your software.

The renewal date is then visible on the start up screen each time you launch ExtendSim or accessible by going to the Help menu and selecting About ExtendSim.

Absolutely. Contact Imagine That Inc. and let us know which date works best for your team to renew your ExtendSim licenses. We can synchronize the renewal dates of your licenses to reflect a common MSP start and end date, regardless of when each product was first activated. Prorated charges will apply. We'd be happy to work up a quote for you.

Maintenance & Support Plan renewalThe annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) is renewable one year from date of purchase (or on your pre-established renewal date) and each year thereafter. How to renew depends on the type of license you own and how you want to pay:

Individual, Node-Locked, & Analysis RunTime licenses

Go to Maintenance & Support Plan Renewal in the ExtendSim Store to pay by credit card. Choose the package you are renewing  and include its ExtendSim Activation Key plus the contact information for the end user.

If you prefer to pay via check or ACH/EFT, check the MSP Annual Renewal Fee chart to determine the cost and part number for your renewal. Submit your PO to . Be sure to include the Activation Key for the product you are renewing.

Floating & Cloud licenses

Contact Imagine That Inc. for renewal fees and payment options.

No. You will keep the same activation key for your ExtendSim 10 license. Renewal is managed and updated through the Reprise License Manager (RLM). After renewing your MSP, we update RLM with your new renewal date. The next time you launch ExtendSim, the software reaches out to the RLM server and acquires the new renewal date.

If your computer is not connected to the internet, let us know when you rewew your MSP. We can send you a license file that you can use to manually update the renewal date of your software.