When upgrading an ExtendSim 9 Network license to an ExtendSim 10 Floating license, there are special considerations to take into account so you can have a complete and successful transition to ExtendSim 10.

Unlike earlier upgrades, ExtendSim 10 is a complete rewrite of the ExtendSim product. Therefore, we expect that customers who upgrade from releases prior to ExtendSim 10 might need additional time to convert their models and libraries to the new format.

As stated in Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses, you may keep the Network license of ExtendSim 9 and its upgrade, the Floating license of ExtendSim 10, installed and running simultaneously for an up to a six (6) month transition period after the Floating license of ExtendSim 10 has been activated. 

We understand and accept that the simultaneous installation of both releases might result in ExtendSim being used by more than the authorized maximum number of concurrent users; we hold you harmless if that occurs during the transition period.

If you need an extension on the transition period, contact us prior to the expiration date.