While trying to update your ExtendSim 9 license to the current release, you see "This copy of ExtendSim is incomplete. Please reinstall ExtendSim from your CD.”

An Updater is not a full installer. This message only appears for one of two reasons:

  • If you installed the 9.x updater but you did not install it to the same place where ExtendSim 9 is installed.
  • If you installed the 9.x updater on a machine that does not already have ExtendSim 9.

First check your computer (Program Files (x86) and Documents) to determine the location of the current installation of ExtendSim 9. If it is present, install the 9.x updater into those same locations so that it will replace the ExtendSim 9 files. If ExtendSim 9 is not present, you need to install ExtendSim 9 before installing the 9.x updater.