If you have a Floating license and ExtendSim has been working fine on Client devices, then all of the sudden Clients are no longer able to communicate with the License Manager on the Server, it might be because:

  1. The Server has stopped running or the License Manager on the Server is no longer running as a Service. Verify that the Server and the License Manager are running.
  2. You aren't using the default ISV port (51006) and the ISV port has changed because the Server restarted or because you've reactivated your Floating license. By default the ISV port is set to 51006. Rather than choosing a random or custom ISV port, we strongly suggest you unblock and use the default ISV port (51006) since it will persist in spite of Server restarts and license re-activations.
  3. Something, such as a Windows update or IT reset, has caused one or both of the two required ports on the Client device to become blocked. The two required ports, 5053 and the ISV port (by default, 51006) must be open on Client devices for outbound access so ExtendSim can request licenses from the License Manager on the Server. (Typically access is provided through Windows Defender Firewall, by allowing an app through the firewall and the advanced settings for inbound or outbound rules.)

If the problem persists, generate a debug log from the License Manager on the Server by following these instructions:

  • Open the Reprise License Server Administration (RLSA) window in a browser. (To learn how to do that, see Step 2: Activation of the License Manager in the document Installing and Activating • Floating Licenses.)
  • On the left side of the RLSA window, click the Diagnostics command
  • In the main window, click the Run Diagnostics button and wait for the window to report that the diagnostics were written.
  • Locate and open the text file named RLMDIAG.txt; it will be placed where the License Manager is installed (by default, C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer).
  • This report contains information about License Manager activities over time. See if there's any discrepancies or anomalies that might indicate the cause of your issues. If you can't readily find the issue, we are happy to help. Send the debugging log file to us with a description of your issues by creating a support ticket in the ExtendSim Support Portal.