Wrong host error messageThis error message is usually followed by a second message that indicates your license will be deactivated (revoked). If deactivation is automatic, ExtendSim will launch after you quit and restart. If deactivation can't be accomplished automatically, you will need to do a manual deactivation. In either case, the issue will continue to happen until the original problem is resolved.

The error is caused by one of these issues with the license file (extendsim.lic):

  • ExtendSim has been installed more than once with the same Activation Key and the license file (extendsim.lic) doesn’t recognize the ExtendSim application that got launched as being the one that was activated. This happens if you opened a model directly and:
    • You used a Trial license as an updater, but it didn’t replace your existing ExtendSim files. Instead, it is a separate installation.
    • There is an installation of ExtendSim in your account on this device and also in either the account of someone else (such as a colleague or an IT or Admin) on this device or in some account on a Server.
    • You also installed ExtendSim to Microsoft OneDrive, or you have copied the ExtendSim 10 folder with your user-modifiable files (such as Examples and Libraries) to OneDrive.
    • You were beta testing ExtendSim and didn’t properly uninstall your beta version.
  • Your device has been significantly altered such that the license's HostID information is no longer valid. This is common if the hard drive has been replaced or the computer was wiped clean prior to installing a new operating system.
  • The license file is not correct.
    • Your license file might have been replaced by the license file for a different device, for example if you copied files (including the extendsim.lic file) from one device to another.
    • You did a manual activation, you have more than one device with ExtendSim installed, and you put the license file on the wrong device.
    • You did a manual activation, but there's an error in the activation information you sent to us. The license file we sent to you would contain that incorrect information. 

To fix:

  • If the issue was due to a duplicate installation, locate and uninstall those extra installations. Look in the C drive's Program Files folder or in Windows Settings or the Control Panel for duplicate ExtendSim installations. Search Documents folders (including OneDrive). Determine if your IT department also installed your license on a Server. Then remove the duplicate installations.
  • If the issue is due to a reformatted or replaced hard drive, you will need to activate again. Restart ExtendSim and enter your Activation Key in the Activation Dialog. Activation will only be automatic if you have previously revoked the license; otherwise it will be manual.
  • If the issue occurred because your license was replaced by an incorrect license file, remove the incorrect license file. Then, find your backup license file named extendsim.lic.bak (by default it should be in your Documents\ExtendSim10 folder). Then remove the .bak extension and restart ExtendSim. ExtendSim will be activated again using your original license file.