Bad HTTP transactionThis usually means that the license for ExtendSim was successfully activated or deactivated in our online activation database, but the message the database returned (an encrypted text file) got blocked by your system.

When this happens, manual activation is required. If you have ExtendSim 10.0.5 or later, click the button to generate a text file (ExtendSim Activation Info.txt). Email the text file to .

If you are using a release prior to 10.0.5, please update to a newer release. If you can't update ExtendSim, you will need to force a manual activation. To do this, temporarily disconnect your device from the internet, launch ExtendSim, enter your activation information in the Activation Dialog, and click Next. ExtendSim will present a dialog so you can generate a text file for manual activation/reactivation. After the text file is generated (by default it will be placed at the top of your Documents folder), reconnect to the internet and email the text file to .