End of Life

ExtendSim 9 was released July 17, 2013 and was subsequently updated several times. The ExtendSim 9 series reached its End of Life (EOL) on October 28, 2019 with the final update, release 9.3.1. As of the EOL, there will be no new bug fixes, security updates, or non-security updates for release 9.

End of Service

After the release of ExtendSim 10 in October 2018, Imagine That! provided support to customers who were converting models and libraries from ExtendSim 9 to ExtendSim 10. That support ended, and ExtendSim 9 reached its End of Service (EOS) on January 1, 2022. As of the EOS date, ExtendSim 9 is officially retired and there will be no free or paid assisted support for ExtendSim 9.

Purchasing ExtendSim 9 products

To continue to use ExtendSim, we strongly urge you to purchase or upgrade to the latest release. If you are still in the transition process of converting older models to ExtendSim 10, Imagine That! will sell licenses of ExtendSim 9 products “As Is”, with no warranty or support.

  • Purchasing ExtendSim 9 after the EOS date comes with certain risks, including the possibility that changes to the Windows operating system or other events might cause ExtendSim 9 to stop working.
  • Networked licenses of ExtendSim 9 carry an additional risk - while it works well in most cases, the License Manager for the Network license is outdated and no longer supported by the vendor. If it stops running, your only option would be to reactivate it.
  • You can use the ExtendSim 9 Demo to run existing ExtendSim 9 models. Please do not use a development version of ExtendSim 9 to build new models and/or custom blocks.
  • ExtendSim 10 is a major upgrade with a lot of new features and capabilities customers have been asking for. Since most third party developers have already completed the transition to ExtendSim 10, be cautious if you are using a third party product that requires you to use an ExtendSim release earlier than 10.

If you want to purchase an ExtendSim 9 product and you are willing to take the risks associated with using software that has reached its EOL and EOS, please contact Imagine That Inc. or your ExtendSim Distributor. Let us know the reason you still need to use ExtendSim 9 and your plans to transition to ExtendSim 10. You will be asked to sign a document confirming:

  • You acknowledge and accept that the product comes with neither support nor warranty.
  • Other than upgrading to a newer release, you have no recourse if the software ceases to work.
  • When purchasing ExtendSim 9, you will also be assigned an Activation Key for the corresponding ExtendSim 10 product. You are still subject to pay for an annual Maintenance & Support Plan based on the current price. Note, support will only be provided for ExtendSim 10.