Under the terms of the ExtendSim Software License Agreement, a corporate or government entity may designate another employee or contractor working for the company as the “new” Authorized User of an ExtendSim license provided the following four (4) conditions are met:

(i) The rights of the “original” Authorized User to use the Software are permanently discontinued and the Software is permanently removed from the computer of the “original” Authorized User (if the “new” Authorized User uses a different computer).

(ii) The Software is installed on the computer of the “new” Authorized User as permitted in Sections 2 and 3 of the ExtendSim Software License Agreement.

(iii) If permitted under your security procedures, the “new” Authorized User is identified as the “registered user” of the Software to Imagine That!.

(iv) Such change in designated Authorized User of the Software may not occur more than once in a calendar year.

Download PDFTo request a license transfer, download and complete the Change Designated Authorized User form.

Two signatures are required:

  • the signature of the "new" Authorized User,
  • and either the signature of the "original" Authorized User or (if that person isn't available) a manager or someone else at the company who is aware of the transfer

NOTE: Before your colleague can activate ExtendSim on their device, you must revoke the license from your device. To do this, use the Help > Revoke License Activation command in ExtendSim. (If you can't launch ExtendSim to revoke it on your device, contact Imagine That Inc.