As long as their License Managers are installed on different Servers, it is not a problem to install two or more ExtendSim Floating license products, e.g. Pro and Analysis RunTime (ART), on the same Client device and/or use those products on the same network. Whenever one of the products is launched on a Client device, that product's license file will point to the License Manager assigned to manage that product.

The complication comes in if you want the License Manager on a single Server to manage multiple Floating license products. While this is doable, the process isn't that straightforward so we don't recommend it. However, if it is necessary, follow these instructions:

First, install and activate the License Manager for one product (e.g. ExtendSim Pro) following its installation instructions.

For the second product (e.g. ExtendSim ART):

  1. Do not reinstall or uninstall the License Manager or stop the service (ExtendSimLicServer) you activated for the first product.
  2. Start on page 3 of the instructions for Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses.
  3. On page 3, follow the instructions for "Part 2: Activate the License Manager" but with some changes.
    • Per normal, at #5 (step 2 of 5) enter "extendsim" as the ISV, then enter the Activation Key for ART,
    • Per normal, at #6 (Step 3 of 5) enter 0 for the license count, then pause.
    • At #7 (step 4 of 5), do not change ".\activate1.lic" to "extendsim.lic". Instead, change it to something slightly different, such as "extendsimART.lic". You can choose whatever you want for the name, but it must not have spaces, numbers, or odd characters, it must say "extendsim", and it must end in  ".lic"
  4. Continue with the remaining steps to either automatically or manually activate the license for ExtendSim ART.
  5. If you check the Status while in the RLSA window, you will see that there is only one ISV Server - extendsim. That is correct.
  6. Managing multiple licenses on the same serverTo verify that both products are being managed by the single License Manager, in the RLSA window give the Edit License File command, but just look in the popup and don't edit the files. You should see both license files listed. If successful, you can close the browser.
  7. At this point there should be two license files in the License Manager's folder (C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer): extendsim.lic (for Pro) and extendsimART.lic (for ART). If you open those files you can see the Activation Key for each product; exprv10fla is the internal name for ART and exprv10fl is the internal name for Pro.
  8. IMPORTANT! Don't copy the license file to the ExtendSim folder on Client devices yet. After you make a copy of the license file for ART, and before you paste that copy into the Documents/ExtendSim10ART folder on devices that have ART, you must change the name of the copy to "extendsim.lic". (Do not change the name of the file on the server.)
  9. At that point, all Clients who have Pro or ART installed will have a license file with the same name (extendsim.lic) in their Documents/ExtendSim10 product folder. If they have both Pro and ART installed, each Documents/ExtendSim10 product folder will have its own extendsim.lic license. You can tell which product the license file is for by opening it and looking at the Activation Key and/or the internal product name.

Note 1:  Whether managed by the same License Manager or not, you cannot run ExtendSim Pro and ExtendSim ART on the same Client device at the same time.

Note 2: You will have to go through this modified process every time you reactivate the License Manager, such as after renewing Maintenance & Support. In other words, the two products have to be reactivated separately and with different names for the license files during the process. However, you will not need to send new license files to Client devices since the License Manager will automatically update the MSP date.