While running ExtendSim on a virtual machine such as on a Macintosh device using an emulator such as Parallels, you may not be able to view the ExtendSim Help system via the menu command nor view Block Help by clicking on Help from within certain blocks.

Viewing the ExtendSim Help system while using a Mac

Help locationThe good news is the entire ExtendSim Help file is saved as a PDF file so is easily accessible and readable on a Mac. Simply browse to the ThisPC/Documents/ExtendSim10/Help folder. Double-click the ExtendSim Help file to open it.

Accessing ExtendSim Block Help on a Mac

Block Help might be a bit more cumbersome to access in some ExtendSim blocks. As with most Windows-based applications, some of the ExtendSim Block Help files use Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. It is a Microsoft proprietary online help format consisting of a collection of HTML pages, an index, and other navigation tools. The files are compressed and deployed in a binary format with the extension .CHM, for Compiled HTML. Unfortunately, for Mac users, CHM files cannot be directly opened.

If you click on a block's Help and see a blank window, use one of these options to access Block Help:

  • Use an online CHM reader for Mac that converts the CHM files to PDF; such as Convert CHM to PDF by Zamzar. As there are 29 ExtendSim blocks that use the CHM format, this might be a tedious option. (Note, the majority of ExtendSim blocks use a different technology for their block Help that IS readable while using Parallels.)
  • Moving Help files on a MacOr copy and move the Help folder to the C drive:
    • Make a duplicate of the ExtendSim Help folder found in the ThisPC/Documents/ExtendSim10 folder.
    • Move the copy of the Help folder to the C drive so it is located at ThisPC/Local Disk(C:).
    • Open the copy of the Help folder on the C drive. Double-click the Compiled HTML (.CHM) file to view a block's Help.

If you have any questions on this procedure, please Initiate an ExtendSim Support Ticket.