Manual activation bypasses your device's lack of internet access or its blocking of communication (via firewalls or the like). Secured or hardened locations require manual activation; other locations might need manual activation due to system configuration.

Manual activation of an Individual licenseTo do a manual activation of an Individual license, the ExtendSim Activation Info.txt file (or the equivalent information) must be transmitted to . A parsed version of the 5 lines of information in that text file is shown here:

  • The first line is whichever ExtendSim product you purchased.
  • The user name, user email address, company name, and results of checking the Notify me box are taken from what is entered in the Activation Dialog. (The user name and company also show up on the ExtendSim startup screen after activation.) The CountryCode is a number identifying which part of the world the license was activated from. The W identifies the activated device as using a Windows operating system.
  • The set of numbers in the third line is the Activation Key.
  • The rehost info is a long number that the license management software (RLM) generates and assigns to this license; that number is encrypted and stored in the Reprise folder on the device. It stays with the license even if the license is moved to another device.
  • The reference number is some number specific to the device ExtendSim is currently installed on, such as the serial number of the disk.

For instructions for manually activating ExtendSim, please see Installing & Activating • Individual Licenses.