In ExtendSim 10, ARM records utilization and quantity utilization because it is now possible for a record in the [Resources] database table to represent a quantity of resources other than 1. In v9.3 and earlier versions of ExtendSim, each record in the [Resources] table represented exactly one resource. In the new version of ARM, a record in the [Resources] table now has an explicitly defined quantity field. The quantity can be any non-zero real or integer number. When any portion of the quantity of a resource record is BUSY, ARM tracks the resource record as being utilized. This utilization is recorded in the Utilization field. The Quantity Utilization is a measure of how much of the available quantity for the resource record has been utilized during the simulation run.‬‬ ‪

For example, a resource record has a quantity of 10. During the entire simulation run, a quantity of only 1 is continuously utilized. The Utilization for this resource record would be reported as 100%, but the quantity utilization would be reported as 10%.‬‬