See the instructions Uninstalling the License Manager from the Server in the separate document titled Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.

  1. Stop the Service (instructions for Windows 10; others differ)
    • Right-click on the Server’s Start command and choose Computer Management.
    • In the list that appears, double-click Services and Applications.
    • Double-click Services.
    • In the list that appears, scroll to ExtendSimServer.
    • Stop the ExtendSimLicServer service (right-click select Stop).
    • Close the Computer Management window.
  2. Remove the Service
    • Open the Windows Command Prompt as Administrator. (On most Windows systems, enter CMD in the Search box and simultaneously click Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open a command window.)
    • Click Yes in the User Account Control window to enable the Windows Command Processor.
    • At the command line enter SC delete ExtendSimLicServer and press the Enter key.
    • You should receive a SUCCESS notification indicating the Service has been removed. Close the Command Processor window.
  3. Uninstall the ExtendSim Floating License Manager using Windows Settings > Apps > Apps and features. Then, delete the folder ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer (located by default at the root of the C drive).

Note: Before reinstalling using a newer ExtendSim Server License Manager, you must first uninstall the previous License Manager as described above.