This error message only occurs with a Floating or Cloud license.

If you get this error message, it means either:

  • The License Manager on the Server has either been moved or has not been installed and activated correctly.
  • Or (most likely) that one or both of the required ports (5053 or the ISV port, which is 51006 by default) is blocked in one or both directions. Those ports must be open for inbound access on the Server to allow internal communications between the Server files and so the License Manager can receive ExtendSim license requests. ISV ServerThey must also be open on Client devices for outbound access so ExtendSim can request licenses from the License Manager on the Server. The ISV port is shown in the table when you click the Status command in the RLSA window; the default ISV port number is 51006. If the ISV port is blocked, either unblock it (highly recommended) or set a different unblocked port for the ISV as discussed in the document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.