Yes. Be sure that:

  • The virtual machine has the correct permissions so that ExtendSim can be installed without security issues.
  • The location where user-modifiable files will be installed has read-write access so ExtendSim can read the license file and the end user can open, run, and save models.
  • And, be sure you use a static MAC address. The license file (extendsim.lic) relies on the identity of the device it is installed on. If a device's MAC (media access control) address changes, its identity changes, the license fails, and ExtendSim stops working. MAC address changes can happen if the Ethernet card or WiFi card is changed, or if the device is a virtual machine (VM) that uses dynamic MAC addresses.

Some hardware virtualization products, such as Microsoft's Hyper-V, create virtual machines (VMs) that, by default, have dynamic Mac addresses. For ExtendSim to work properly on a VM, the device must use a static MAC address. If the device automatically uses dynamic MAC addresses, you must change the settings in the VMs Manager so that the device uses a static MAC address.

You might not see an issue unless the device restarts and chooses a different MAC address, and all of a sudden ExtendSim reports that it isn't properly licensed. If you've experienced this failure, change the device to use a static MAC address. Then contact our Sales department so you can reactivate and get a new license file.

Note: The Trial version of ExtendSim cannot be operated on a virtual machine or on a Macintosh running Windows through Parallels or similar emulator until it has been activated. Only activated licenses will run on VMs.