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License Manager on Server - continued
Changing the default port (5053) used for communication between the License Manager and ExtendSim.
You can edit the license to use a different port than the default port (5053). However, how you do that depends
on your situation:
• If you received the extendsim.lic file while doing a manual activation but haven't resumed the activation process,
directly change the port number in the file and save that change before proceeding. Then complete the activation
procedure. Be sure to give the updated extendsim.lic to each Client.
• If you have already finished the process of activating the License Manager, you must edit your existing
extendsim.lic file using the RLSA window.
1. Using a browser, open the RLSA window as indicated at Step 2 • Activate License Manager on page 2 of the
separate document Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses.
2. On the left side of the RLSA window, click the Edit License Files command. (Note: The“License File to Edit”
should be extendsim.lic.)
3. In the window that appears, click the Edit License File button.
4. In the license file field, change “5053” (the default port number) to a different number. Note that the new port
must be unblocked inbound and outbound for both the License Server and the Client devices.
5. Click the Update License File button. The window should report “license file extendsim.lic written”.
6. On the left-hand side of the RLSA window, click the Reread/Restart Servers command.
7. For the ISV, select extendsim, then click the Reread/Restart button to restart the License Manager.
8. If successful, the window will display the message “Reread command sent to extendsim”. This indicates that the
new port will be added as an alternate port.
9. Be sure to copy the updated extendsim.lic file to each Client.
How do we uninstall the License Manager for an ExtendSim 9 Network License?
For release 9, run the “Remove ExtendSim Server.exe” file in the Server’s ExtendSimServer folder. You should get two messages: License Successfully Removed and Service Successfully Removed. Then use Windows Settings to uninstall the ExtendSim Server files.
What does the "Connection refused at server" message mean?
This message indicates that the ISV Server port is blocked. An unblocked ISV Server port is required for internal
communications between the License Manager and the extendsim daemon. The default ISV Server port is shown in the table when you click the Status command in the RLSA window. Either unblock the port listed in that table
or change the port as discussed below.
Changing the port for the ISV Server.
ISV Servers Name extendsim
port Running Restarts
12345 Yes 0
Server Status extendsim
License Usage extendsim
Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses License Manager on Server
When the License Manager was activated, a random port was assigned as the ISV Server port. If that port is blocked you can either unblock it or use a different unblocked port as the ISV Server port. To use a different port, you must use the RLSA window to edit your existing extendsim.lic file:
• Follow steps 1-3 in the FAQ “Changing the default port (5053)...” above. • At step 4, do not change port 5053. Instead, in the
license file field, add "port=nnnnn" (where "nnnnn" is the port number) to the "ISV extendsim" line such that it reads "ISV extendsim port=nnnnn".
• Then, continue with the remaining steps.
Can I move the License Manager from one Server to another?
Not directly. Before you try to move the License Manager, contact us at or 1.408.365.0305. We will revoke the current license so you can install and activate on the new Server. Then you must uninstall the License Manager from the original server using the instructions below.
LICENSE extendsim exprv10fl 10.0 permanent 1
ITIserver f06da4f564f7 5053 extendsim port=12345
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