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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Where to get more information
User Reference
The ExtendSim User Reference has a lot of information you will find helpful when building, using, and presenting models.
How To chapters cover general modeling and simulation topics
• Using libraries and blocks • Performing analysis
• Enhancingpresentations
• Creating a user interface
• Usingequation-basedblocks • And much more
Appendices list menu commands and the ExtendSim libraries and blocks
Every menu command is explained; the main libraries are described block by block.
Technical Reference
While it’s possible to build continuous models using just the blocks supplied with ExtendSim, it is more likely for continuous modelers to want components with custom behavior. The ExtendSim integrated development environment (IDE)—the API, source code editor, compiler, dialog editor, graphical UI builder—makes it easy to modify blocks, develop custom features, and create new blocks with custom code, dialogs, and icons.
As discussed on page 44, ExtendSim also includes sophisticated programming tools such as include files, a code editor, conditional compilation, a source code debugger, code completion, and external source code capabilities.
And very importantly, your custom-built blocks are fully integrated and can be saved in ExtendSim libraries for reuse in other models.
☞ The eBooks ship with the appropriate ExtendSim product. To access these documents, see the Documents/ExtendSim/Documentation/folder or launch the books from the Getting Started model that opens when ExtendSim launches. The User Reference and Technical Reference are also available if you select the Help menu when using ExtendSim.
Example models and videos show you how
ExtendSim includes numerous tutorial models as well as videos and example models that explain concepts discussed in the User Reference. For example models, see the Documents/ ExtendSim/Examples folder. For videos, see the ExtendSim website.

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