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Continuous Process Quick Start
Model Basics
This chapter shows how to open and run a model of a simple continuous system and discusses the com- ponents of a model.
If you already know how to open, run, and save an ExtendSim model and are familiar with blocks, con- nectors, and model layout, skip this chapter and go to the next one.
Opening and exploring a model
Launch ExtendSim
As seen on the right, when ExtendSim launches it opens an application window with:
• Amodel(onthe left)
• Library windows (stacked on the right) for every open library
• Toolbarsonthetop and sides
By default, the model
that opens will be the
Getting Started
model. If that option
has been removed
from the Edit >
Options > Model tab, a new blank model will open instead. The Getting Started model has information about ExtendSim products as well as links to the manuals, video tutorials, and more.
This tutorial will focus on the model window. Other aspects of the application window are discussed later in this Guide or in the User Reference.

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