Page 14 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Opening and exploring a model
Open the example model
Select File > Open
Browse to Documents/Extend- Sim/Examples/Tutorials/Continu- ous
Select the model named Reser- voir 1
Click Open
This opens the model window as
shown on the right.
About the model
This is a simple example of a reservoir being filled by two water sources—rainfall and an incoming stream. The model uses five blocks (labeled Rainfall, Stream, Add, Reservoir, and Chart) to simulate the continuous system. The purpose of the model is to see how much water accumulates in the reservoir over time.
The model window
Notice that there are two tabs on the top of the model window:
• The Worksheet is where the model resides.
• ANotebookprovidesacentralplaceforstoringinputs,outputs,andsoforth;itisshownon page 11
Run the example model
Select Run > Run Simulation or click the Run Simulation button in the tool bar.
As the simulation runs, progress information will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom left of the application window. (With a small model like this, and with animation turned off, the messages may go by too quickly to be read.) Since it has been set to do it, at the end of the simulation run the Line Chart block opens and displays the graph.
Run with animation
This model doesn’t have much animation in it, but the Holding Tank (labeled Reservoir) automatically animates its contents on its icon.
Select Show 2D Animation in the Run menu or select the Show 2D Anima- tion tool
Run the simulation again
The level on the Holding Tank rises as the simulation runs. The minimum and maximum val-
ues for the level are set in the Holding Tank block’s Animation tab.
See results
There are many ways to see information during and at the end of the simulation run. For this model, information is reported on graphs and data tables, in a notebook, in block dialogs, and through animation.
☞ See more in “Report model results and export data” on page 43.

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