Page 16 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Model basics
important parameters and tables from the dialogs of blocks in the Reservoir model have been cloned (duplicated) in its notebook.
☞ Cloning dialog items is discussed in the How To section of the User Reference.
From the model’s blocks
Information can often be found on block icons, in block dialogs, and at block connectors. For example, when the icon of the Holding Tank block (labeled Reservoir) is double-clicked, its dialog opens and reports the current contents.
Through animation
ExtendSim provides built-in and customizable 2D animation on block icons and on the work- sheet.
Using other blocks
This model is so simple that it doesn’t need further analysis. However, for larger and more complex models, the blocks in the Report library gather information as the model runs and dis- play and calculate statistics on the results.
Model basics
In the simplest terms, ExtendSim models are composed of blocks and connections. This model, for example, has five blocks, as seen on the model worksheet below. As the model runs, infor- mation goes into a block, is processed and/or modified, and is then sent on to the next block, usually via a connection. Except for some hierarchical blocks (discussed on page 18), blocks are stored in repositories called libraries.

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