Page 17 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Each block in ExtendSim represents a portion of the process or system that is being modeled.
Sources for blocks
The blocks for your mod- els can come from one or more of the following:
Model Basics 13
Lookup Table
Random Number
Holding Tank
Line Chart
• Pre-builtlibrariesof
blocks, for example the
Value library, included with ExtendSim CP. These blocks simplify modeling tasks such as performing calculations, specifying a distribution, running optimizations or scenarios, and importing and exporting data.
• Equation-based blocks, also included with ExtendSim CP, that use formulas and/or ModL code entered in their dialogs to calculate values for, and perform operations in, models.
• CustomblocksyoucreatethesamewaytheblocksintheExtendSimlibrarieswerecre- ated—using the included ExtendSim IDE and its programming tools—then save in Extend- Sim libraries for use in all models.
For more information, see “Blocks for building continuous models” on page 17 and “The Big Picture” on page 43.
Names and labels
• Blockshavenames,suchasMathorHoldingTank,thatsignifythefunctiontheyperform.A Holding Tank block, for example, will have the same functional behavior in every model you build.
• Youcanalsoaddalabeltoablocktoindicatewhatitrepresentsinyourspecificmodel,such as a Holding Tank block labeled Reservoir.
• Blocks come from libraries, which are discussed in “Libraries” on page 16.
☞ Right-click a block to see its Properties, such as its position on the worksheet.
A block’s icon is usually a pictorial representation of its function. For instance in this model the block labeled Reservoir is a Holding Tank block. Its icon symbolizes a tank that can have quantities added or removed from it.
The small squares attached to the icons are connectors, which are discussed in more detail in “Connectors and connections” on page 15.
☞ Place your cursor over a block’s icon on a model worksheet to see a tooltip with the block’s object ID, name, and library. If Include additional block information is checked in the Edit > Options > Model tab, the tooltip will also include a short description of the block’s function.

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