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Model Basics 15
Connectors and connections
changing the icon’s orientation or appearance when you build models—for example, the Hold- ing Tank offers a choice of Default View and Default View Reverse.
Connectors and connections
• Connectors are used to get data into and out of a block during a simulation run
• Connectionsarethemechanismsfortransferring data and information between blocks
Most blocks in ExtendSim have input and output connectors (the small squares or circles attached to the block’s icon). As you might expect, information flows into a block at input connectors and out of the block at output connectors.
In ExtendSim, the behavior of most connectors is predefined for each specific block. For example, if you set a Math block to use a function (add, subtract, divide, etc.) it knows what to do with the values that are input into the block. This makes model building easy since you can connect blocks and run simulations without having to write equations or logic to define what each block should do with the inputs or outputs.
A block can have many input and/or output connectors; some blocks have none. In addition, a block can have single connectors or arrays of connectors depending on how the block is con- structed.
Connectors in the Value library blocks
The blocks in the Value library have connectors that get and report informa- tional values. For example, the Math block shown here has input connectors on the left side and an output connector on the right.
• The gray outlined connectors on the left are formed by a variable connec-
tor that has been expanded to accommodate two inputs. Variable connec-
tors act like a an array of single connectors that can be expanded or contracted to enable a required number of connections. As shown here, a variable connector is usually designated by a dark gray arrow. For instance, when the Math block is set to add its inputs, the variable connector allows for values from multiple sources to be added together.
• ThesolidgrayoutputconnectorontherightsideoftheMathblockisasingleconnectorfor providing outputs or results.
Expanding a variable connector
To expand the connector array for a variable connector:
Hover over the dark gray arrow that is below the input connector on the left side of the Math block. (Don’t hover over or click on the input connector, just hover over the gray arrow.) If you are in the correct spot, the cursor will turn into a dragging cursor—a double-headed up/down arrow—indicating that the array of connectors can be resized.
Output Input connector connector
At left: gray arrow below connector.
At right: double-headed arrow indicating number of connectors can be changed.

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