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License, Software Copyright, Trademark, and Other Information
The software described in this document is furnished under a separate license and warranty agree- ment. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. Please note the following:
ExtendSim blocks and components (including but not limited to icons, dialogs, and block code) are copyright © by Imagine That Inc. and/or its Licensors. ExtendSim blocks and components contain proprietary and/or trademark information. If you build blocks, and you use all or any portion of the blocks from the ExtendSim libraries in your blocks, or you include those ExtendSim blocks (or any of the code from those blocks) in your libraries, your right to sell, give away, or otherwise distribute your blocks and libraries is limited. In that case, you may only sell, give, or distribute such a block or library if the recipient has a valid license for the ExtendSim product from which you have derived your block(s) or block code. For more information, contact Imagine That Inc.
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Extend was created in 1987 by Bob Diamond; it was re-branded as ExtendSim in 2007. Chief architects for ExtendSim 10: Steve Lamperti and Bob Diamond Simulation Engineers: Anthony Nastasi, Cecile Pieper, Peter Tag, and Dave Krahl Graphics, documentation, and editing: Kathi Hansen, Carla Sackett, and Pat Diamond
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