Page 25 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Continuous Process Quick Start
This tutorial shows how to build the simple continuous process reservoir model shown below.
It is important that you have read the previous chapter, or understand ExtendSim basics, before proceed- ing.
How to use ExtendSim CP
As you will see in this tutorial, the most common way to create a continuous process model is to con- nect blocks together, where each block represents some portion of the process. Then enter values in block dialogs, set the simulation parameters, run the simulation, and analyze the results.
A simple continuous process system
When building any simulation model, it is often best to start with a simplified subset of the process. Then continue adding detail, verifying and validating at each stage, until you arrive at a completed rep- resentation of the system. This will make the model building process more manageable.
About the model
This example simulates what happens to a reservoir’s water level as water enters it over a 36 month period. When you have finished this chapter, your model should look like the one shown above.
☞ This model will be similar to the model you opened and ran in the previous chapter. Assumptions
• There is no water in the reservoir at the start of the simulation
• No water is removed from the reservoir
• As water sources add their contributions each month, the water level rises • There is a table of data for the expected amount of rainfall each month

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