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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Launch ExtendSim
• The stream adds between 0 and 1 inches per month • Themodelrunsforasimulatedtimeof36months
Launch ExtendSim
By default, when you launch ExtendSim the Getting Started model opens as well as the major ExtendSim libraries and their library windows.
Open a new blank model
Use the toolbar button or the File menu to open a new model.
By default a new model window, named Model-X, opens.
The Chart and Value libraries and library windows should automatically open due to settings in the Edit > Options > Libraries tab. If those librar- ies aren’t open, manually open them from the Library menu.
Some ExtendSim packages contain an
Item library. If ExtendSim also opens the Item library, new models will open by default with an Executive block on the worksheet. Continuous models cannot contain an Executive block. If your new model contains an Executive block, delete the block. To prevent an Executive from being placed in new continuous process models, change the default option in the Edit > Options > Model tab.
Set the simulation parameters
Select the command Run > Simulation Setup (Ctrl/control J)
This command opens a window for entering global settings for the model, such as how long and how many times the simulation will run.
The most common simulation settings you will need to enter in the Simulation Setup window (and often the only ones) are located on the Setup tab: the End time, the number of Runs, and Global time units. For most purposes, you want the simulation to start at the begin- ning, so you would use the default start time of 0.
Use the model assumptions to set up the simulation run: In the Setup tab, enter the simulation parameters:
End time: 36
Start time: 0 (default) Runs: 1 (default)
Global time units: Months
Leave the other Simulation Setup settings at their defaults Click OK to close the window and save changes

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