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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Placing and connecting blocks on the model worksheet
1) ThePointandClickmethodisusefulforaddinganyblockanywhereonthemodelwork- sheet:
Click a block in the Library menu or library window to select it
Click somewhere on the model worksheet to place it
As needed, connect it to another block using one of the connection methods discussed on page 16
2) TheSmartBlockmethodisaquickwaytoaddanewblocktoamodelandconnectittoan existing block at the same time:
On the model worksheet, right-click on one block’s connector and, from the list, select the new block to add. This will place the new block next to the original and connect them.
You will use both methods for this tutorial. However, to use the right-click technique, a block must already be on the worksheet to start the connection chain. So you will place the first block on the worksheet using Point and Click.
Use Point and Click to place a Value library block on the worksheet
Lookup Table block
To use Point and Click to place a Lookup Table block (Value library) on the model worksheet:
Bring the Value library window forward by clicking once on its name in the list of library windows on the far right of the application window
In the Value library window, click once on the Lookup Table block’s icon Then click on the model worksheet wherever you want the block to be
☞ If you select the wrong block, click the Esc (escape) key to unselect it. (You
can also place multiple instances of the same block on a worksheet by holding down the Alt or Option key while repeatedly clicking on the worksheet.)
Use the Smart Blocks technique to place the remaining blocks
Now, because it’s an easy and fun way to add blocks to a model, use the Smart Block technique to place additional blocks on the worksheet.
Since Smart Block involves right-clicking on a connector, you must already have at least one block on the model worksheet for it to work. This technique works with the major ExtendSim libraries and, if they have been programmed to use it, with custom libraries.
Math block
Go to the model worksheet.

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