Page 29 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Tutorial 25
Placing and connecting blocks on the model worksheet
Right-click on the Lookup Table’s output connector (the solid gray square on the right of the icon). A popup with the two libraries (Value and Chart) you would most commonly use appears.
Select the Value library in the popup. This opens a new popup listing all the blocks in the Value library.
Select the Math block from the popup list of Value library blocks.
This automatically places the Math block on the worksheet and connects its top input connec- tor to the output of the Lookup Table block.
☞ While not needed here, the Smart Block technique can also be used to connect a second block to an output (hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key while right-clicking on the output) or to insert a new block between two connected blocks (separate the two blocks to provide room for the new block, then right-click on the output or input of one of the existing blocks to insert the new block).
Random Number block
Blocks can also be added by right-clicking on an input connector.
Right-click on the Math block’s second input connec- tor, the input connector that is not yet connected
Select the Value library
In the Value library window that appears, click once on
the Random Number block
This adds the Random Number block to the model, connected to the second input of the Math
Holding Tank block
Next, right-click on the Math block’s output connector Again select the Value library
Choose the Holding Tank block
Line Chart block
Finally, right-click on the unlabeled output connector that is on the right side of the Holding Tank’s icon
Select the Chart library in the popup. This opens a new popup listing all the blocks in the Chart library.
Select the Line Chart block.
At this point, your model should look like the one
shown here.
Save the model
Save the model to save your changes.

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