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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Make connections and adjust the blocks
Make connections and adjust the blocks
As discussed in “Making connections” on page 16, there are multiple ways to make connec- tions between blocks. For simplicity, this tutorial uses line connections.
Connect the Lookup Table block to the Line Chart
Hover the cursor over the Lookup Table’s output connector until that con- nector enlarges.
Click once on that output connector.
Then move the cursor and hover it over the Line Chart’s second input connec-
tor. That input connector enlarges.
When the connection line turns thick and blue, click once on the Line Chart’s input connector to make the connection.
This connection line will cause the information from the Lookup Table block to be reported at the Line Chart block’s second input connector.
☞ Connection lines will turn solid dark gray when properly connected; they appear as a dashed red line if the connection has not been made correctly.
Adjust connections (optional)
By default, connection lines are drawn using a Smart Connection technique that provides intel- ligent connection line control when moving blocks around. If Smart Connections don’t result in a good appearance for the finished model, you can change the connection line style and adjust the line.
To change the appearance of an existing connection line:
Right-click on the connection line
Choose the Right Angle or Free Form Connection
Move the line segments as desired by selecting and moving the anchor points, the small squares at each joint.
Reposition the blocks as desired.
☞ To change connection line behavior and appearance in a model, go to the Model > Connection Line Style menu or use the right-click menu. To change the default connection line behavior for all models, use the Edit > Options menu.
Save the model
Save your changes.
When finished, the model should look similar to the
one shown here.
Enter dialog parameters and settings
To reflect the basic assumptions for this model, the parameters need to be entered.

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