Page 33 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
P. 33

Open the Line Chart block by double-clicking its icon or by right- clicking and choosing Open Dialog.
Right-click on the block’s Graph window. The two options at the top of the popup are Trace Editor and Graph Properties.
Choose the Trace Editor. This is where you specify how the lines are drawn on the graph.
Name the first trace Contents
Name the second trace Rainfall and choose that it
is plotted on the Y2 axis
Close the Trace Editor
Notice that the new labels appear in the key on the graph. You can resize the key and place it anywhere you want on the graph.
Graph Properties
Right-click the Graph window again and this time choose Graph Properties. This is where you custom- ize the titles, col- ors, and other properties of the axes, as well as characteristics of the numbers that are displayed.
Name the graph Reser- voir Model
For the title of the X axis, enter Months For the title of the Y axis, enter Inches For the title of the Y2 axis, enter Y2 Inches Close the Graph Properties window
☞ You can also enter titles directly on the graph—click on the text and change it, then press the Enter key.
Dialog tab
Click the Dialog tab on the left side of the graph. The tabs in the Dialog are for labeling the block and for setting what happens to the graph during or after the simulation run. In the Dialog:
Tutorial 29
Configure the Line Chart block
Trace Editor

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