Page 34 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Your tutorial model
In the block’s Display tab, choose if you want the graph to not open, or to open at the beginning or the end of the simulation run. Also choose when you want the graph to autoscale.
At the bottom of the dialog, label the block Chart.
Close the block’s dialog.
☞ See the Line Chart’s Help button or the User Reference for more information about the tools
and dialogs that control this block.
Save the model
Save the model to save your changes Your tutorial model
If you have followed all the steps, your model should look similar to the model shown below.
Running a simulation
Before running the model, decide if you are going to run a single model one or more times or run different models all at the same time.
Run modes
There are two modes toggled using the Run Mode toolbar button:
1) To run a single model as quickly as possible, even if you are running that model multiple times, use the fastest run mode as shown here. This is the default and what you will use for this tutorial.
2) Torundifferentmodelsallatthesametime,usethemulti-threadedrunmode .This takes advantage of the ExtendSim multi-threading capability—the user interface is pro- cessed in one thread and the processing for each model occurs in separate threads. In this mode, the Run Simulation button changes to .

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