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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
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2) Reservoir3doestheexactsamecalculationasReservoir2usingoneEquationblock(also from the Value library). That Equation block’s equation editor is shown below.
Other continuous process models
Additional continuous models process models are located at Documents/ExtendSim/Exam- ples/Continuous.
Standard Block Models folder
These models have been built with the blocks that ship with ExtendSim CP: • DifferentialEquation
• DrugIngestion
• MarkovChainWeather
• MonteCarlo
• NoisyFMSystem • PredatorPrey
Custom Block Models folder
To display some of the ExtendSim programming capabilities, these models have been built using custom blocks created in ExtendSim CP:
• FishPond
• Mandelbrot
• Planet Dance
What’s next
• The next chapter in this Quick Start Guide discusses some concepts specific to continuous process modeling.

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