Page 49 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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• Customize and animate the icons.
Creating a user interface for the model
Use these ExtendSim features to create a custom graphical user interface, control panel, or dashboard for the model, simplifying and localizing data entry and displays.
• Clones
• Exact copies of dialog items, tables, or graphs which behave identically to the original (similar to shortcuts or aliases); no programming required.
• Place on the model worksheet or notebook to create a cus-
tom user interface—a centralized location for making changes or displaying inputs and results.
• Notebooks
• Customizablewindowsfororganizingandmanaginga model’s information—control model parameters, report simulation results, and document the model.
• Cloneobjects,inserttextandgraphics,andpastepicturesas shown to the right and on page 11.
• Control panel/dashboard interface
• UseblocksfromtheUtilitieslibrarytocreateadashboardor control panel for the model without programming:
•Buttons block—set up pre-built buttons for a custom interface
•Meter, Slider, and Switch blocks—cus- tomizable controls for the model
•Model Interface block—create a button interface for running multiple trials for experimentation
•Popups block—create popup menus with multiple custom options. Can also be used to create buttons for accessing database tables.
•Pause Sim and Run Model blocks—place a button to run or pause the simulation at specified times
• Create custom buttons using the Buttons block’s equation editor or cus-
tom interfaces using the ExtendSim IDE or an external application such as
• Animation
• SomeValuelibraryblocks,suchastheHoldingTank,automatically show 2D animation on their icons if 2D Animation is on during the run.
• TheAnimateValueblock(Animation2D-3Dlibrary)displaystext,a graphic object, or pictures on the worksheet plus can be used to animate a hierarchical block’s icon.
The Big Picture 45
Creating a user interface for the model
Reservoir dialog item cloned onto model worksheet
Cloned table in Notebook
Dashboard created using Buttons block
Popup menu
Holding Tank is partly full

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