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Continuous Process Quick Start Introduction
Thank you for using ExtendSim, the power tool for simulation modeling! We hope you enjoy using ExtendSim and that you find this Quick Start Guide helpful.
About the Quick Start Guides
The purpose of a Quick Start Guide is to get new users quickly familiar with a specific ExtendSim mod- ule and aware of the ExtendSim features and capabilities. There are three Quick Start Guides—Contin- uous Process Modeling, Discrete Event Simulation, and Discrete Rate Modeling. Depending on the product purchased, one or more of these will be installed as eBooks in the Documents/ExtendSim/Doc- umentation folder.
☞ Each of the Quick Start Guides has similar structure and information, so it is not necessary to read all of them.
For more in depth information, the guides will refer you to the User Reference, the Technical Reference, or the Tutorial & Reference for the ExtendSim Database or Advanced Resource Management, all of which are installed in the Documents/ExtendSim/Documentation folder.
Who should read this Quick Start Guide
This guide is for model developers who create continuous process models. These models simulate con- tinuous systems where time advances in equal steps and state variables, which describe the system at any point in time, change continuously as time advances.
Chapters in this Quick Start Guide
1) IntroductiontoContinuousProcess(CP)modeling: * What it is
* Where and when to use CP modeling
* How to use it and how it is being used
* How CP modeling compares to discrete event and discrete rate simulation * Where to get more information
2) Modelbasicsandhowtorunamodel
3) Tutorial:buildingasmallcontinuousprocessmodel
4) Conceptsandterminologyspecifictocontinuousprocessmodeling
5) TheBigPicture:featuresandcapabilitiesyou’llwanttoknowaboutwhenbuildingmodels

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