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The Big Picture 47
Managing data for use in the model
• Database > Import New Database command—import into a model a database text file that was created in another model or was generated by Excel using the Excel DB Add- In (optional add-on for ExtendSim CP).
• FitrawdatatoadistributionwithStat::Fit,asmentionedonpage48
Managing data for use in the model
Localize and manage data so it is available before, during, and after a simulation run.
• Create an ExtendSim internal relational data- base—a centralized repository for data—and exchange data between the database and the model:
• Many blocks have a built-in capability to exchange data with the database during
the run: Equation, Read, Write, Query Equation, and Data Specs blocks (Value library) and the Popups block (Utilities library)
• TheDataImportExportblock(seepage46)canaccessdatabefore,during,orafterthe run
• Dynamic data linking (DDL) links to data in an ExtendSim database during the run
•Dynamically link dialog items (parameters and data tables) to internal data struc- tures—internal databases, global arrays, and (programmatically) dynamic arrays.
•See the Link button on a block’s data table or right-click a dialog parameter and choose Create/Edit Dynamic Link
• Create custom interfaces using the ExtendSim IDE
• See the ExtendSim Database Tutorial & Reference, an eBook located at Documents/ ExtendSim/Documentation
• Use another data management method as described more in the Data Management and Exchange chapter of the User Reference:
• Global array—a two-dimensional array of data accessible by any block in a model.
• Dynamic array—a multi-dimensional internal data structure only accessible through programming.
• Linkedlist—aninternaldatastructurethatallowstheconstructionandmanipulationof complex lists of data.
Analyzing data and assessing results
Perform calculations, analysis, experimentation, and optimization using information generated by the simulation model.
• Verification and validation
• UseExtendSimdebuggingtoolsandmethodstoverifythatmodelsoperateasexpected and to validate that they accurately represent the system. See Debugging Tools in the User Reference.
Database tables; fields for Interarrival Times

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