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48 Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Analyzing data and assessing results
• TheModelCompareblock(Utilitieslibrary)helpsdetermineifchangestothemodel affect results and is helpful when validating models between ExtendSim releases. See Automated test environment in the User Reference.
• Valuelibraryblocks:
• Mean&Varianceblock—calculatethemean,variation,andstandarddeviationofthe values input during a simulation run; specify the confidence interval.
• Report library blocks
• Statistics block—accumulate data on certain types of blocks and report statistics in a single table using a statistical method; specify the confidence interval.
• DB Statistics block—calculate statistics for all the records in a field of an ExtendSim internal database table.
• ReportsManagerblock—customizedatagatheringandfilterinformationbyblocktype or label.
• Also see the User Reference
• Distribution fitting (Windows only)
• Determine which distributions, if any, offer a good fit for the underlying raw data.
• In the Random Number block (Value library) choose Stat::Fit or another distribution fitting software package to perform the analysis. Stat::Fit is an optional add-on for ExtendSim CP.
• See Stat::Fit in the User Reference.
• Charts and data tables
• BlocksfromtheChartslibrarydisplayagraphicalrepresentationofthenumbersfedto them as well as a table of the numerical values.
• For example, see the Line Chart discussed in “On graphs and in data tables” on page 11.
• Evolutionary Optimizer
• Automaticallydetermineidealvaluesforparameters,thenpopulatethemodelwiththe optimized parameter values.
• See Optimization in the User Reference.
• Scenario Manager
• Systematicallyandstrategicallyexploretheoutcomeofdifferentmodelconfigurations and analyze alternatives.
• Use pre-built experimental designs (DOE) or export to Excel, JMP, or Minitab for fur- ther analysis.
• SeeScenarioAnalysisintheUserReference.
• SensitivityAnalysis
• Conductcontrolledexperimentstoexplorehowmuchofanimpactoneormoreparam- eters have on model results.
• SeeSensitivityAnalysisintheUserReference.

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