Page 53 - Continuous Process Modeling Quick Start Guide
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Reporting results and exporting data
• Also see:
• Decision,ClearStatistics,andMax&MinblocksintheValuelibrary
Reporting results and exporting data
Monitor and/or export intermediate information and simulation results
The preferred method is to export the data at the end of a run; exporting during a run could unnecessarily and dramatically slow the simulation.
• Viewdatafromthefollowingcomponentsofyourmodel:
• FieldsandtablesinblockdialogssuchasintheHolding Tank block (Value library)
• Output parameter fields and tables that have been cloned from block dialogs into note- books (mentioned on page 45) or onto the worksheet
• Animation, as mentioned on page 45
• Tooltips, which display current data each time the cursor is placed over an output connector
• Connect outputs to blocks in the Chart library (mentioned on page 48) to see graphs and tables of data during or after the simulation run
• Add blocks to the model to obtain information: • BlocksfromtheUtilitieslibrary:
•Pause Sim block, Pause tool, or Run > Debugging commands pause and step through the simulation to monitor data.
•Add a Record Message block (Utilities library) to the model to capture the messages between connectors
• BlocksfromtheValuelibrary:
•Write block to write model data, during or at the end of a run, to an Excel worksheet, a text file, local table, global array, or an ExtendSim internal database.
•Notify block (see page 46) sends alerts based on its settings and input
•Display Value block displays the input value and can pause between updates • BlocksfromtheReportlibrary:
•Reports Manager block, for gathering and reporting filtered data during the simula- tion run.
• CreateanExtendSimdatabaseasdiscussedonpage47tomanagedata,andseeresultsinits tables or in the DB Line Chart block (Chart library).
• Export data from the model’s internal relational database or (less common) from a global array; both are discussed on page 47.

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